In 2019-2020 Regnskogsföreningen focuses on extended cooperation with indigenous peoples and quilombolas (slave descendants) in the northern Amazon. Our partnerships are always based on long-term relationships, in which we know our partners and regularly monitor their work. Our point of departure is to always work with people who live in the rainforest, as they are the forest's natural guardians.

Although the members of Regnskogsföreningen have been involved in many projects in the past, the only project presented and translated into English on this website is the ongoing one. In 2019-2020 Regnskogsföreningen supports a two-year program in the Amazon called “Strengthening the indigenous peoples and slave-descendant traditional communities in the world´s largest rainforest conservation corridor”. The overall project aim is to ensure that “marginalised people living in poverty have democratic influence and access to basic rights; and results exist that show changes towards a sustainable, equal society” The following results are expected:

1. The targeted indigenous communities are able to plan critical components of their territorial management and protection.

2. Two selected indigenous associations are able to provide concrete benefits to their respective communities and initiate joint initiatives with other associations to manage their territories and respond to pressures.

3. New opportunities forged with municipal governments, enabling targeted indigenous communities to increase their participation in local public policies.

4. Our cooperation partner ECAM is able to measure efficiently and demonstrate effectively the changes and outcomes brought about by its activities and programs, including its capacity to improve gender equality.

There are many activities linked to the expected results, and in order for you to get acquainted with some of those you can read the updates in English here (links lead to English texts):

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Some updates are only available in Swedish and can be found in the Swedish section.

Our aim is to finance the projects, as far as possible, with funding from Forum Syd (who are funded by the Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency, Sida), through a contribution of 10% collected by contributions and donations made directly to Regnskogsföreningen. A member contributes through membership fees, and possibly by additional voluntary contributions. The management of Regnskogsföreningen is financed by separate contributions from Forum Syd, and by the volunteers of Regnskogsföreningen.