Katxuyana / Tunayana land. Photo: Ecam

I am Mauro Makaho and I am part of the leadership team at the Santidade Rio Cachorro village. I´m a biology major and I am very proud to protect and preserve the forest and the nature, just as my ancestors have done before me.

I don´t want to destroy nature.

Today, we are devastating it and several sources of our livelihoods disappear with it. All are impacted: plants, animals and others that depend a lot on it, and even the world that depends a lot on the Amazon rainforest, the heart of our planet.

Here is my point of view: defend and preserve our fauna, our flora and our water.

So I´ve asked for support to strengthen my community´demands and even ask that Ecam to apply for further funds, to train youth representatives to become environmental inspectors in their own communities.

/Interview by Ecam team, January 2020 in one of the villages the indigenous Katxuyana / Tunayana land, which is included in the project. Translated by C. Silveira