Regnskogsföreningen is a NGO, established in 2010, based in Sweden. Our aim is to protect tropical forests through support to local communities in the forests. We have a very modest administration managed by volunteers. All donations and contributions will go, uncut, to the projects we have chosen to support.

Committee members
The core committee consists of nine people with a total of more than 130 years experience in the work to protect rainforests: Charlotta Agaton, Herman Carr, Magnus Eriksson, Torkel Lundberg, Björn Möllersten, Ulf Rasmusson, Catarina Silveira, Teresa Soop and Mikael Stenberg. We are all keen to continue our work with the protection of the rainforests of South America.

How do we work?
Regnskogsföreningen is a religiously and politically independent association without any economic interests. We are working almost entirely on voluntary basis. When contributing financially to any of our projects, the money goes directly to the projects (postage and printing costs for the deed of gift paid for by the donor). Our Partners in Brazil have a very long experience of this type of work.